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What is P.A.T.H.?


P.A.T.H. stands for Piers Anthony Thread. It is a mailing list where we discuss anything about Piers Anthony and his works. We discuss Xanth, the Mode series, Incarnations, Adepts, well you named it. It is up to our members to talk about anything related or inspired by Piers Anthony words in his books, author' notes, newsletters, etc. We are really very informal and free forms. If you are interested to join we recommend strongly that you read our F.A.Q. to know our rules and other important information. At this point in time, when you subscribe to the group, you will receive an email from the Manager of the group, asking for a small introduction of youself (who are you, why do you join the group and how do you get hooked on Piers' work). After receiving your email, the Manager will accept your subscription. Go to the section How Do I Join? to learn more about joining our group.

This Website is the official site of P.A.T.H. and we try to update as often as we can, although sometimes is hard because RL commitments. Still if you see typos, grammar mistakes, want to see something new in the site, etc..., please feel free to email us at marisol@ piersthread.com with any suggestions. We also have another site for our members, but visitors are welcome. It is at YahooGroups, the company that run our mailing list, at http://www.yahoogroups.com/groups/piersthread/

We used to be part of eGroups but as you notice Yahoo! just bought it and merged with it. But this site, still have our messages archives, a vault with stories and interviews and many other features. Feel free to visit anytime.

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