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When did this site start up? Can I give suggestions for the site?
Is Piers Anthony involved with this site? What can I post in the thread?
Do you charge for anything on this site? What we consider Spam?
What's a thread??? Did you know what happen with the Mode Series?
Who started this site? Why did Marisol join Sean to do this site?
Why did he start this site?  I can't handle so many e-mails, what I can do?

Q. When did this site start up?

A. The initial skeleton site was uploaded on Monday, September 14, 1998. We officially started in December of 1998, after we moved to Marisol's website.


Q. Is Piers Anthony involved with this site?

A. Not at all. This site and mail list is to discuss his works. Piers has an official site at http://www.hipiers.com


Q. Do you charge for any part of this site?

A. Nope. Don't plan to either.


Q. What's a thread?

A. A thread is a mailing list of people that talk about a particular subject.


Q. Who started this site?

A. Some schmoe named Sean Gibson, and later on, a girl named Marisol joined the boat. Evidently he's this bored and she is a little crazy. If you're interested in learning about him, click here. If you want to know about Marisol, just check the main page.


Q. Why did Sean Gibson start this site? What's the history behind this place?

A. Ooooohhhh, good question. It all started in March of 1998. Sean Gibson had to have surgery to remove 2 polyps growing into his brain to save his life. Relax - the surgery wasn't considered serious, but something that had to be done. He went home, lost 25 pounds, and couldn't do much but lay down. So, once he started eating again (3 days after the surgery and one delicious IV later), he started reading "The Magic of Xanth" - a three book set of the first three Xanth adventures, given to him by his father. The book really helped Sean get through the recovery and he has since read all the way through "Harpy Thyme" since March. So while bumbling around the internet, he found the glorious "Xanth Thread" - and applied. He eagerly awaited membership and checked out all the neat things to do at this site. However, his application to join was never replied to, and finally after months of waiting, he figured that it wasn't worth his time to join such a poorly administrated site. While checking out the Piers Anthony newsgroup, he found countless numbers of people in the same boat. Sean decided to make a site not only dedicated to Xanth, but to all of Piers Anthony's works so everyone could enjoy it. This site is for those who want to enjoy great stories with good friends.


Q. Can I give a suggestion for the site?

A. Sure - email the address at marisol @ piersthread.com


Q. What can I post in the thread?

Any question, comments or suggestions about Piers Anthony and his novels, short stories and games. Also, you can be part of one of our fan-fiction stories based on Xanth or any other of Piers's magical world, like the Virtual Mode, Proton, etc... You can inquire about books, or check who PATHers live near you. You can propose ideas for improvements for the mailing list, the PATH site or the Yahoo! Groups site.


Q. What can't I post in the thread?

A. No Spam!! By spam we mean, any kind of advertisement, virus warnings, chain letters, etc. No off-topic messages, meaning anything that is not related with Piers Anthony or the mailing list interests. If you have an off-topic information that you feel will be good to share with the group, e-mail it first to us, either Marisol or Sean, so we can decide if it is proper for the group. Also, posts with offending language that violates the Adult Conspiracy. Furthermore, disrespectful or rude post. No Mime files or binary pictures. If you have a picture of yourself, you can add a link to it for others to see. If you have any questions about this policy contact the administration. If you violate this policy, you will be warned for the first infraction, if there is a second infraction, you will be expelled from the mailing list.


Q. Did you know what happen with the Mode series?

A. This is one of the most asked questions about Piers' novels. Piers finally published the last installment of Mode, DoOon Mode and it is available in any of the big bookstores, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and Amazon.com


Q. Why did Marisol join Sean to do this site?

A. Well, when Sean started to build P.A.T.H., he sent a request for help in the alt.fan.piers-anthony newsgroup. Because I not only am a super fan of Piers Anthony, I also was looking for an opportunity to learn how to do webpages, I decided to give a hand to Sean doing the Mode pages of this site. After I learned more about Sean and his dedication to this site, I got really involved with it. I decided to give all the help that Sean needed, so I offered him to host the site in my web account at the Grid and give him my other hand as co-host and I haven't regretted that decision ever. It is a lot of fun to run the site, updating it with new information about Piers and our members, starting new discussions and well meeting new cool people!!


Q. I can't handle so many emails, what I can do?

To change your subscription to the mailings list from emails only to reading the messages in the eGroups website, you just need to go to our Piersthread's Yahoo! Groups page. You need to create a login id using your member's email and choose a password to use the site. After you have logged in, find our mailing list piersthread. When you find it, there will be a section titled Delivery Options, in that section you can change your subscriptions from emails only to summaries, or web mail only. If your really need to unsubscribe immediately, send an email to piersthread_unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you have any questions just email at marisol @ piersthread.com